White Cotton Clothing

White Cotton Clothing for Yoga or Spiritual Retreats by MANTA WEAR


White Cotton Clothing for Yoga Retreats

Comfortable Cotton Clothing by Manta Wear

First of all, you need something that will breathe well and keep you cool–especially if you’re doing “hot” yoga or travelling to India, the birthplace of yoga.  You also want to consider clothing that will travel well, can do double duty as both workout wear and casual clothing (because who wants to pay the airlines’ baggage fees), and will let you concentrate on your meditation instead of the stickiness of the materials. Does this sound like you? Look no further! For all of our hapless seekers of the perfect retreat attire we have the answer.


MANTA is the perfect white yoga clothing for any spiritual or yoga retreat .  Apart from the fact that MANTA comes in white, it is very comfortable and attractive cotton clothing ideal for any retreat.


MANTA yoga apparel is also perfect if you are planning a tropical destination such as a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Remember, cotton breaths and feels wonderful on  your skin. Something that polyester or spandex cannot claim.


Comfortable White Cotton Clothes for Meditation

Comfortable White Cotton Clothes for Meditation

According to Yogi Bhajan master of Kundalini, “Cotton is the flower of the earth. It is good for your psyche, for your energy and for your nervous system.”  On the subject of teaching yoga, he said, “A teacher wears white cotton clothing while teaching. White clothing makes you as a teacher look devine and represent light.”

According to the Spiritual Science Reseach Foundation, “When we wear clothes that are of the Sattvik (spiritual purity) colors it helps us with our spiritual practice.” The Spiritual Science Research Foundation rates white clothing as beyond sattvik  “…the most helpful in attracting spiritual positive vibrations and repel negative vibrations”


Women's White Cotton Pants

Cotton Straight Pants by Manta Wear

Now that you know where to find the perfect Yoga and Spiritual Retreat attire give us a call at 832-940-3404 and one of our helpful staff  members will be happy to give you the assistance that you need to find your perfect MANTA  outfit!

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