We’ve Moved!


What’s going on!? Keep calm, and shop on at MANTAWEAR.COM!

YOGACLOTHES.COM still works, it will automatically redirect you to MANTAWEAR.COM for the next couple of months. However, YOGACLOTHES.COM will eventually stop working so be sure to update any browser bookmarks you may have! I am working with Google to update the search results for MANTA WEAR so that they start showing mantawear.com soon instead of yogaclothes.com.

Why is this happening!? I think that MANTAWEAR.COM best represents the brand. I also heard from some new customers that the YOGACLOTHES.COM address led them to believe the site would be selling traditional western, tight-fitting yoga clothes. As you know, we sell the most comfortable cotton, loose-fitting clothes in the world, and people use them as yoga clothes, travel clothes, casual clothes, pajamas, retreat clothes or spa clothes.

Well then why did you stop using MANTAWEAR.COM in the first place!? It’s a long story involving pirates! The pirates were holding the domain name hostage, and I finally decided to pay the ransom!

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– David at MANTA WEAR