We take pride in keeping our customers happy with service and quality with the most comfortable cotton clothing for yoga clothes & comfortable travel wear.

Jodi Mulvey • Utah

In the spring a few of us girls went to San Francisco.  It rained a lot, but we didn’t let that stop us.  Our clothes got soaking wet.  My friends were very uncomfortable in wet jeans, but I was extremely comfortable in my MANTA WEAR Comfort Pants!  They dried very quickly!

Sandy Halonen • Oregon

I love these clothes – they’re easy to wash, don’t wrinkle and are comfortable. I wear them all the time and practice Tai Chi in them as well. We will be going to Tahiti and I’ll be taking my new MANTA  with me!

Rich Lang • Talent, Oregon

Manta is the best kept secret around! Manta combines both style and comfort. Anybody who doesn’t wear Manta certainly has no idea what they’re missing! Great Casual Cotton Clothing.

Sandy Paton • Reading, PA

I went to Rio de Janiero in my MANTA WEAR clothing  The styling is perfect, I love the fit and they are very comfortable for traveling. This was the only clothing that I wore on my trip! I also teach Kundalini yoga. The clothing should be loose and comfortable, allowing  the thighs to breathe. Today’s yoga clothes generally look more like bicycling outfits. So I was delighted to find your clothing. Thanks again!

Deb Murphy • Seattle

I have worn MANTA WEAR clothing on a year long trip around the world.   I was so pleased with the comfort and durability of MANTA. I always make a pilgramage to Inti Imports Marketplace in Ashland, Oregon.

Scott Voss • Napa, Calif

Just want to express how happy (THRILLED) I am with your clothes and customer service (for lack of a more spiritual term). when it comes to online shopping and quality/price ratio, your “company” is at the very top of my list. I look forward to buying and wearing your wonderful spiritual clothes for hopeful the rest of my long life.

Beverly Bloom • Tucson, Arizona

MANTA WEAR is the only clothing that I like to wear!  The most comfortable clothing ever and it washes like a dream.