We take pride in keeping our customers happy with service and quality with the most comfortable cotton clothing for yoga clothes & comfortable travel wear.

Nancy Rush-Yates • Talent, Oregon

I wear them as my school uniform! I am a pre school teacher and the little ones in my classes love to sit on my swirled Tier skirt at story time !

Carolyn • N.California

I wore the white Manta pants and shirt all through Greece this past summer. They were cool, washed well, and served well – aside from being some of the most comfortable clothing I have!

S. Brown Ashland • Oregon

I have  lived in my Manta pants over the last several years.  I have two pairs that are finally starting to show wear after 4 or 5 years of being lived in.  These 2 pair travelled with me me first to the Greek islands and later to Peru and Machu Picchu.  I have travelled quite a bit and these are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. They will continue to be my pants of choice. I cannot believe how durable they are!

Victor Moon • Olympia, Washington

The Juan shirts are such wondeful shirts! They are so comfortable to wear and easy to clean!

BJ Medford • Oregon

I took a wonderful Mediterranean cruise last fall in my Manta. I just rolled the Manta up and unrolled it and off I went!  Very comfortable yet a “lady”.

Catherine • Franklin, Mass

I teach yoga in my Davida Pants and they have lasted  forever!

Janice • Terrebonne, Oregon

The MANTA shirts are great! They’re durable and wonderful for traveling and I don’t have to iron!

Linda S. • Grants pass, Oregon

I truely enjoy wearing the MANTA. Even with the heat of Summer  the MANTA breaths and you stay nice and cool!

Benjy and Heather Wertheimer • Shantala at www.shantalamusic.com

We tour all over the world leading Kirtan.  (Sacred Yogic Chanting) It is critical to have clothing that is very comfortable yet appropriate for performances. The MANTA clothes that we purchased from you excell in both respects……Thank you!

D. Ferrera • Danville, California

Your staff was great to deal with in the store and you’ve been so helpful in helping me with my exchange! Your clothes and store are wonderful!