We take pride in keeping our customers happy with service and quality with the most comfortable cotton clothing for yoga clothes & comfortable travel wear.

Rui Lund • Corvallis, Oregon

The Manta Wear pants are the BEST PANTS EVER! I am a nurse and wear them as scrubs.

Dale True • Bow, Washington

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the superior customer service you provide. After wearing Manta Wear for 8 years now , there is nothing that feels as good!

Bradan Beech • Santa Fe, New Mexico

I can’t imagine life without Manta Wear. It’s all that I wear. Thank you, Manta Wear!

Cheryl Wittmayer • Billings, Montana

I looked for years to find this type of fabric. I was so thrilled when I found Manta Wear! I will be coming back and you can expect to see me as a regular customer!

Liz Aldridge • Salem, Oregon

You gave me exceptional one-on-one personal customer service and I really appreciate that.  Last year, I had returned some items because of a sizing issue. Since you made it easy for me to return the items,  that gave me the confidence to try again this year.  It worked out great for me this time around and wanted to say that I live in my Manta Wear!  Thank you again.

Sharon L. • Brooklyn, NY

I am so glad that we discovered Manta Wear. I  have told our friends and co-workers about the great quality and customer service. I  have compared the quality to the shops in Greenwich Village and cannot  find anything that comes close to the quality of Manta Wear! Also, washes very well – no shrinking or fading.

Holly Sollars-Morin • Pescadero, Ca

I just ordered more Manta Wear for my upcoming trip to Mexico. I have found that Manta Wear is just perfect for traveling in warmer climates. The fabric is so comfortable and breathable. Their styles are roomy enough for complete movability and comfort in the air, on a train, boat or car. Thank you for the great product, and of course your customer service is always spot on! I’ll be back for more, I promise.

Merrill Ward • Medford, Oregon

I have been wearing Manta Wear exclusively for the past several  years and it is the most comfortable clothing that I have ever found. I wear it for my work and I can’t tell you how happy I am!

Susan • Regina, Canada

I received my order yesterday and I have placed a second order.  Manta Wear will be perfect since am going to India in November to take a yoga teacher training course. Thank you,

Steve Lampert • Brooklyn, NY

I just received my White Drawstring Pants and I have found the fabric to be magnificent and the pants are the most amazing yoga pants!  Thank you for such a great product and excellent customer service.