We take pride in keeping our customers happy with service and quality with the most comfortable cotton clothing for yoga clothes & comfortable travel wear.

J. Dishman • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

I am a big ( ish ) fellow, and I commend Manta Wear for the size charts on the website. These clothes allow my body to move and breathe without binding or pinching. The weave is stylish without being gaudy.  I’ve worn my Calypso shirt on dress occasions and felt comfortable.  If you’ve been on the fence about Manta Wear, come ahead and fall on over, you will not be disappointed.

Ruth • Ocean Park, Washington

I am allergic to most clothing, but Manta Wear has been allergy-free! Great to the touch and love the top stitching around the neck.

Dan Niles • Sandy Oreon

Manta Wear is really comfortable,wrinkle-Free and kept me cool in any climate. Looks fantastic with nice pair of blue jeans and sandals.

Deborah Johnson • Durham, NH

About 12 years ago I made a trip to Ashland, Oregon.  There I discovered Manta Wear and I was so relieved because it was hotter than expected and the Manta Wear was perfect.It’s wonderful, sturdy, comfortable and breaths when the temperature is high. Manta Wear is a great product and I highly recommend it!

N. Lamb • San Jose, California

I live in my Manta Wear Shorts all Summer Long!

DeAnn • Davidson, NC

Just received my first Manta Wear package. Tried on the top and pants and I could immediately sense something very special about this clothing.  I still can’t bring myself to take off my new Manta Wear clothing!  Seriously!

Lynne • Sedona, Arizona

I made a trip to Uganda to visit my son and Manta Wear was practically all that I had worn! Wonderful to travel in especially in hot climates.

Patti Burns • Wilmington, DE

I came across your website and found the white cotton drawstring pants that looked identical to the pair my sister had purchased 20 + years ago.  They were perfect!  She wore them to Aruba in May.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Andrea Mc Coy • San Ramon, California

I Love my Comfort Pants! I can take long walks in them, garden in them, do yoga, even sleep in them, almost anything.  They are my definite home and out and about weekend pants!

Emily Porzia • Missoula, Montana

WOW! I could tell the Manta top and pants were going to be perfect as soon as I opened the package that arrived today. Great styling, very well made, and totally comfy! My best,