Manta Wear Cotton Clothing Care


Our yoga apparel and yoga clothing are handcrafted which means that dye lots may vary. If you wish to order a matching color set, make sure to indicate this information in the special instructions section of the shopping cart page when placing an order.


It is easy to take care of MANTA WEAR cotton clothing. You can put your clothes in the washing machine and dryer. Preferably on cold water wash and low heat dry. If you have the time, line drying will prolong the life of your MANTA WEAR but is not mandatory. MANTA WEAR is bleach safe. If your white clothes are stained, it is safe to go ahead and add bleach to the wash. For clothes that have deep stains, soak with a pre-wash first and then wash normally.


Our dyes are made from high-quality colorfast dyes. There is a certain amount of natural fading over time. In order to help preserve the colors follow these washing instructions: On the first time washing – put a half cup of vinegar, no soap on a regular cycle in the washing machine and tumble dry. It is not necessary to do this for the Natural color.