Welcome to the Manta Wear Casual Cotton Clothing for Men! 

Manta Wear, the foremost producer of  Casual, Comfortable Cotton Clothing  carries a unique line for Men. Featured are Cotton Shirts and Pants in a variety of sizes which are all made from Manta preshrunk cotton fabric. If you need comfortable clothing that is non-binding, loose fitting and breathable, then Manta Wear is your ticket. For instance, take a look at our most popular men’s pants, the Drawstring Pants.

Perfect for Travel, Yoga Retreats Manta Wear is distinctively lightweight and cushiony soft, woven with a unique herringbone textured pattern to create an exquisite look that is very cool in any climate. It’s unique texture allows air to circulate and breath freely next to your skin.  You could say that Manta Wear feels like it’s floating atop your skin. Not only is Manta Wear sublime against your skin, but as many of our customers can attest to, Manta Wear is also extremely durable and strong. MANTA WEAR is the most comfortable clothing in the world and can be worn as Beach Apparel, Meditation Clothing, Travel Clothes, Yoga Clothing or for just plain relaxation!