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We take pride in keeping our customers happy with service and quality with the most comfortable cotton clothing for yoga clothes & comfortable travel wear.


J. Dishman • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

I am a big ( ish ) fellow, and I commend Manta Wear for the size charts on the website. These clothes allow my body to move and breathe without binding or pinching. The weave is stylish without being gaudy.  I’ve worn my Calypso shirt on dress occasions and felt comfortable.  If you’ve been on the fence about Manta Wear, come ahead and fall on over, you will not be disappointed.

Ruth • Ocean Park, Washington

I am allergic to most clothing, but Manta Wear has been allergy-free! Great to the touch and love the top stitching around the neck.

Dan Niles • Sandy Oreon

Manta Wear is really comfortable,wrinkle-Free and kept me cool in any climate. Looks fantastic with nice pair of blue jeans and sandals.

Deborah Johnson • Durham, NH

About 12 years ago I made a trip to Ashland, Oregon.  There I discovered Manta Wear and I was so relieved because it was hotter than expected and the Manta Wear was perfect.It’s wonderful, sturdy, comfortable and breaths when the temperature is high. Manta Wear is a great product and I highly recommend it!

N. Lamb • San Jose, California

I live in my Manta Wear Shorts all Summer Long!

DeAnn • Davidson, NC

Just received my first Manta Wear package. Tried on the top and pants and I could immediately sense something very special about this clothing.  I still can’t bring myself to take off my new Manta Wear clothing!  Seriously!

Lynne • Sedona, Arizona

I made a trip to Uganda to visit my son and Manta Wear was practically all that I had worn! Wonderful to travel in especially in hot climates.

Patti Burns • Wilmington, DE

I came across your website and found the white cotton drawstring pants that looked identical to the pair my sister had purchased 20 + years ago.  They were perfect!  She wore them to Aruba in May.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Andrea Mc Coy • San Ramon, California

I Love my Comfort Pants! I can take long walks in them, garden in them, do yoga, even sleep in them, almost anything.  They are my definite home and out and about weekend pants!

Emily Porzia • Missoula, Montana

WOW! I could tell the Manta top and pants were going to be perfect as soon as I opened the package that arrived today. Great styling, very well made, and totally comfy! My best,

Rui Lund • Corvallis, Oregon

The Manta Wear pants are the BEST PANTS EVER! I am a nurse and wear them as scrubs.

Dale True • Bow, Washington

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the superior customer service you provide. After wearing Manta Wear for 8 years now , there is nothing that feels as good!

Bradan Beech • Santa Fe, New Mexico

I can’t imagine life without Manta Wear. It’s all that I wear. Thank you, Manta Wear!

Cheryl Wittmayer • Billings, Montana

I looked for years to find this type of fabric. I was so thrilled when I found Manta Wear! I will be coming back and you can expect to see me as a regular customer!

Liz Aldridge • Salem, Oregon

You gave me exceptional one-on-one personal customer service and I really appreciate that.  Last year, I had returned some items because of a sizing issue. Since you made it easy for me to return the items,  that gave me the confidence to try again this year.  It worked out great for me this time around and wanted to say that I live in my Manta Wear!  Thank you again.

Sharon L. • Brooklyn, NY

I am so glad that we discovered Manta Wear. I  have told our friends and co-workers about the great quality and customer service. I  have compared the quality to the shops in Greenwich Village and cannot  find anything that comes close to the quality of Manta Wear! Also, washes very well – no shrinking or fading.

Holly Sollars-Morin • Pescadero, Ca

I just ordered more Manta Wear for my upcoming trip to Mexico. I have found that Manta Wear is just perfect for traveling in warmer climates. The fabric is so comfortable and breathable. Their styles are roomy enough for complete movability and comfort in the air, on a train, boat or car. Thank you for the great product, and of course your customer service is always spot on! I’ll be back for more, I promise.

Merrill Ward • Medford, Oregon

I have been wearing Manta Wear exclusively for the past several  years and it is the most comfortable clothing that I have ever found. I wear it for my work and I can’t tell you how happy I am!

Susan • Regina, Canada

I received my order yesterday and I have placed a second order.  Manta Wear will be perfect since am going to India in November to take a yoga teacher training course. Thank you,

Steve Lampert • Brooklyn, NY

I just received my White Drawstring Pants and I have found the fabric to be magnificent and the pants are the most amazing yoga pants!  Thank you for such a great product and excellent customer service.

Linda Kay B. • Canyon Lake, Texas

I am into Kundalini yoga so I am loving the Cascade White.  The fabric is so comfortable and I just machine wash, put it on a hanger and let it air dry on a  hook on my back deck…no wrinkles and so fresh

Mary VanDerostyne

I  have been purchasing MANTA WEAR clothing for the past 7 years. We have a small vineyard in California’s Central Valley, and it gets pretty hot here in the summer months.  I do the majority of our vineyard maintenance; and your uniquely made clothing provides the cover I need to protect myself from too much sun, while also keeping me cooler than any of my traditional clothing. You advertise that the clothing seems to “float atop your skin”. What a perfectly descriptive way to express how it feels. I tell my friends that it’s the next best thing to wearing nothing at all. Thanks for making such wonderful clothing available, and at a very reasonable price as well.

Heidi Snowden • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

MANTA  WEAR has been in my closet for over 8 years.  I found my friend wearing it, and to my surprise came across the Ashland store, now the catalogue. the Manta weave prevents shrinkage. The generous fit is stylish and comfortable. The prices are affordable. I have had one pair of pants for 8 years. I live in Mexico part of the year and have turned most of my friends onto the catalogue. They give great customer service.  What more can you ask for?

Carl Swanson • Big Sur, California

I have a massage practice and  wear the MANTA WEAR Drawstring Pants while doing massage. They are attractive and very comfortable for massage.

Cathy • Brooklyn, NY

I use these wonderful pants in my job as an RN,  Thank you MANTA WEAR!

Marilyn Flemmer • Elk Grove, Ca

I love your Straight Pants! I just ordered several pair.

Martha Harrison • Miami

Your MANTA WEAR is the very best! I highly recommend it.

Edwina • Napa, Califoria

How happy I am to have found you! I am taking Tai chi classes with my new MANTA WEAR.

Melvia Wong • Mt View, Calif

Manta Wear kept me cool and comfortable on my trip to Panama. I am very pleased with MANTA WEAR!

John Mc Bride • Bellingham, WA

I visited your shop in Ashland about 5 years ago and bought my first Manta shirt.  I love it and still wear it.  I have purchased a few more since then. They hold up very nicely to lots of washings and wearings.  Thanks so much.

Vicky Kasson • Littleton, CO

MANTA WEAR is the only thing that I wear! I discovered MANTA while visiting my aunt in Ashland, Oregon. I get compliments on my blouse all the time.

Kate Peterson • Faribault, MN

I have been wearing the Picante Blouse to my yoga class and received a compliment from my yoga teacher. She wanted to know wear I purchased it.  I love MANTA WEAR, it travels and wears well, plus I always get compliments!

Josie Mendelsohn • Applegate, Or.

I wore nothing but MANTA WEAR clothes the entire time in NW Spain. The V- Neck Harmony Blouse being my favorite

Chef Trudy Ashland • Oregon

I am a personal chef in Ashland, Oregon and I do not like to wear standard chef’s uniforms. Manta is the only clothing  that I wear in the kitchen. I also like the fact that it doesn’t shrink. It’s easy to clean and food stains come out.

Jeffery Gillespie

The Juan Shirt is my favorite shirt of all time and I have paid for Armani and Gucci, which don’t come close for comfort or looks.

Betsy Knoche

This is getting addictive!!! Dealing with you had been one of my very best Internet shopping experiences. I will be certain to recommend your site to friends.

Arlene P. California

I love your travel clothes. I have been to Brazil 3 times now and I always take MANTA  with me.They never wrinkle, they can be washed and hung to dry and are always cool in hot weather and warm in the cool wether. I will definately take them when I travel. Love those clothes!

Susan Tuzzolino

I love these clothes. I practice yoga and am a public school educator (high school) I love it thatI can wear the same clothes for both activities. I just ordered two more pairs of pants and Freeedom Top. Keep on making clothes!

Terri-Lynn Kalhagen

We purchased Manta to take a trip to Africa. Out of all the different types of clothing that we had purchased, the MANTA proved to hold up the best and was the easiest to take care of!

Marie Fulbright

When I travel, Manta is always my travel uniform!

Beryl Mc Collough

The MANTA just never wears out!

Korie Monte • Rio, California

I’ve been shopping at Inti Imports for almost 10 years. I especially love the Davida Pants with cuffs. They are my standard daily outfit as a nurse on a psychiatric unit. These clothes are comfortable and allow freedom of movement. I look forward to my next pair! The service is personal and efficient.   Thanks so much !


If one needs to be outdoors in hot humid weather you can us a spray bottle on your Manta cotton fabric. It works great!

Gayle Frye • Washington

Manta makes great travel clothes. On my trip to Sicily, I rarely wore my other clothes because the crinkle cotton came out of the suitcase looking great, was comfortable even in hot weather and dried in only 2-3 hours in the hotel bathrooms. Another brand of cotton pants that I took on the trip remained damp for 3 days. For my upcoming trip to Egypt, Manta clothing is all that I’m taking!

Adeo and Janne • Ashland, Oregon

We just wanted to let you know that we ordered Manta for the ladies who stood with us in our commitment ceremony.  We love MANTA WEAR!

Christine • Ashland, Oregon

I recently purchased a Manta outfit that is perfect for a first grade teacher that needs to move and crawl around. My colleagues were also excited about such comfortable and practical teacher clothes.

Priscilla Saul • 3rd grade teacher

The perfect “teacher uniform” – comfy, easy to move about in, washes beautifully… and bright colors!  I just purchased more MANTA to take on my vacation to Sedona, Arizona! Great for travel too!

Erinn • Keymar, Maryland

They fit great, look great and feel great, just like your website said they would.  Thanks again, I’m sure I’ll be back soon!

Sal Sottile • Sayulita, Mexico

Sal got married to Liz in Sayulita, Mexico, wearing all Manta !

Jane • North Carolina

I love those MANTA pants ! I keep wearing them out and buying more.I also own several of the blouses and love them too, Summer or Winter. ( I layer the Margarita Blouse and the long sleeved Harmony Blouse with other things in the Winter.) Thank you for the beautiful clothes – they are comfortable and elegant !

Laura • Kansas City

I love the quality and durability of your clothing. I bought mine for wearing to my local temple. I also love wearing it to work !  Thank you for your incredibly nice staff and super fast shipping. You are the best!

Bonnie Alvarez • Happy Camp, California

MANTA just keeps wearing and wearing. It is virtually indestructable !

Marian James • Austin Texas

I heard about you by visiting your store in Ashland. I live in your clothes ! Thank you!

Laura Rogers • Grants Pass, Oregon

I own so many of the Manta clothes. They are so good for work, play and whatever!

Elizabeth Roberts Bothell • WA

The MANTA is great for travel –  I have worn them to China, Africa, Iceland and many other places. You can wash them in the bathroom sink, pad in a towel and hang up.  They’re ready to wear the next day!

Susan T. • Olympia, WA

Okay, So I’m totally hooked on your clothes and I must be on my 5th order online, and always buy something there. I can’t imagine myself in any other clothes, please keep making them!

Korie • California

I visit Ashland, Oregon every year and I love these clothes! As a psychiatric nurse, we wear our street clothes at work and the Davida Pants are my first choice. Easy to move in, comfortable, and washable!

Tony K. • Ophir, OR

I found the Store in Ashland, OR , Inti Imports.  Loved your product while backpacking in Africa, Mexico, and China!

Kathleen B. • Lake Almanor, CA

I visited Ashland, Oregon and found MANTA WEAR and fell in love with the products. I am looking forward to a long association. Manta Clothing is comfortable, versatile, and long lasting!

Christa Bechler • Petaluma, California

I have been a MANTA customer for five years. MANTA is extremely durable and the colors remain very strong. They actually get softer as time goes on. I am very happy with my MANTA WEAR!

Nancy Rush-Yates • Talent, Oregon

I wear them as my school uniform! I am a pre school teacher and the little ones in my classes love to sit on my swirled Tier skirt at story time !

Carolyn • N.California

I wore the white Manta pants and shirt all through Greece this past summer. They were cool, washed well, and served well – aside from being some of the most comfortable clothing I have!

S. Brown Ashland • Oregon

I have  lived in my Manta pants over the last several years.  I have two pairs that are finally starting to show wear after 4 or 5 years of being lived in.  These 2 pair travelled with me me first to the Greek islands and later to Peru and Machu Picchu.  I have travelled quite a bit and these are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. They will continue to be my pants of choice. I cannot believe how durable they are!

Victor Moon • Olympia, Washington

The Juan shirts are such wondeful shirts! They are so comfortable to wear and easy to clean!

BJ Medford • Oregon

I took a wonderful Mediterranean cruise last fall in my Manta. I just rolled the Manta up and unrolled it and off I went!  Very comfortable yet a “lady”.

Catherine • Franklin, Mass

I teach yoga in my Davida Pants and they have lasted  forever!

Janice • Terrebonne, Oregon

The MANTA shirts are great! They’re durable and wonderful for traveling and I don’t have to iron!

Linda S. • Grants pass, Oregon

I truely enjoy wearing the MANTA. Even with the heat of Summer  the MANTA breaths and you stay nice and cool!

Benjy and Heather Wertheimer • Shantala at

We tour all over the world leading Kirtan.  (Sacred Yogic Chanting) It is critical to have clothing that is very comfortable yet appropriate for performances. The MANTA clothes that we purchased from you excell in both respects……Thank you!

D. Ferrera • Danville, California

Your staff was great to deal with in the store and you’ve been so helpful in helping me with my exchange! Your clothes and store are wonderful!

Bob • Portland, Oregon

I am a life long meditater and there is nothing quite as comfotable and comforting as the MANTA clothing !

Paul Harkness • Hayward, California

I just purchased my eighth Juan Shirt. These are the most comfortable shirts that I have ever worn!

Gina D.T. Kwethluk • Alaska

I’m a physical therapist and I look forward to wearing these comfy clothes at work and during my travels as well!

Carolyn • Arcata, California

I wore the Heavenly Halter Dress to my son’s wedding in Puerto Rico. It took place on the beach and the MANTA was perfect for this occasion and the climate. I  felt very comfortable and the MANTA looks sylish as well. I danced to the sounds of salsa in my Heavenly Halter dress and had the time of my life!

Jan Christenson Ashland • Oregon

If I didn’t have Manta I’d be naked! I live in these clothes…I’ve worn them in Costa Rica, Zimbabwe and Denmark. They couldn’t be more practical, affordable or fun !

M. Parker • Edgewood, NM

Just a note to say thank you for your quick service and attention to problems. I appreciate all that you do.

Barbara Allen • Danbury High School Danbury, CT

I am a high school ceramics teacher in Connecticut and have found these wonderful MANTA shirts to use as Ceramics smocks. They are durable and comfortable as well!


I am planning a trip to Spain this year. I love wearing the Davida Pants on the plane ride. Many long hours and never any discomfort. MANTA WEAR is perfect for travel!

Joy • Klamath Falls, Oregon

I travel and fly a lot in airplanes. Yuck, how uncomfortable! I wear these awesome MANTA clothes in flight for COMFORT!! You cannot beat them for this. I also wore the pants on horseback riding. They’re not too hot and very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Pam • Denver, Colorado

The MANTA pants are the most comfortable pants that I have ever worn! I wouldn’t wear any other clothes! Also wonderful for teaching Yoga!

Jodi Mulvey • Utah

In the spring a few of us girls went to San Francisco.  It rained a lot, but we didn’t let that stop us.  Our clothes got soaking wet.  My friends were very uncomfortable in wet jeans, but I was extremely comfortable in my MANTA WEAR Comfort Pants!  They dried very quickly!

Sandy Halonen • Oregon

I love these clothes – they’re easy to wash, don’t wrinkle and are comfortable. I wear them all the time and practice Tai Chi in them as well. We will be going to Tahiti and I’ll be taking my new MANTA  with me!

Rich Lang • Talent, Oregon

Manta is the best kept secret around! Manta combines both style and comfort. Anybody who doesn’t wear Manta certainly has no idea what they’re missing! Great Casual Cotton Clothing.

Sandy Paton • Reading, PA

I went to Rio de Janiero in my MANTA WEAR clothing  The styling is perfect, I love the fit and they are very comfortable for traveling. This was the only clothing that I wore on my trip! I also teach Kundalini yoga. The clothing should be loose and comfortable, allowing  the thighs to breathe. Today’s yoga clothes generally look more like bicycling outfits. So I was delighted to find your clothing. Thanks again!

Deb Murphy • Seattle

I have worn MANTA WEAR clothing on a year long trip around the world.   I was so pleased with the comfort and durability of MANTA. I always make a pilgramage to Inti Imports Marketplace in Ashland, Oregon.

Scott Voss • Napa, Calif

Just want to express how happy (THRILLED) I am with your clothes and customer service (for lack of a more spiritual term). when it comes to online shopping and quality/price ratio, your “company” is at the very top of my list. I look forward to buying and wearing your wonderful spiritual clothes for hopeful the rest of my long life.

Beverly Bloom • Tucson, Arizona

MANTA WEAR is the only clothing that I like to wear!  The most comfortable clothing ever and it washes like a dream.

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