comfortable cotton yoga pants

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Pants

The Yoga Pants debate; The absurdity  of American marketering

Go Google the words yoga pants and you will find an assortment of spandex, skin tight yoga pants and an assortment of sexually provocative “yoga pants”. There are a variety of you tube videos showing off very nicely rounded bottoms.  Leave it to American mainstream consumer culture to brand products with sex appeal to sell more and more to the masses for the all mighty buck. Commercial interests  has taken what used to be a health- oriented discipline whose intent was to help people improve their well-being and has taken a very bizarre tangent that has ignored the health benefits and has taken on a fashion world onto itself which portrays very young bodies in skin tight material so that every little dimple shows . A recent scandal involving a major manufacturer of women’s yoga pants had made them too sheer, thus being see-through. The founder of the firm further complicated matters by publicly stating in a television interview that some of the quality problems can be blamed on women who weren’t slender enough to wear his company’s pants . The result was a ensuing  backlash from women who felt that as most clothing in the fashion industry, they were not made for them, but for a younger, more slender population. Even more twisted on this non-issue debate is a pathetic so-called preacher in Arizona who claims that women who wear yoga pants are sinners and are partially to blame for rape.  Schools are banning yoga pants and leggings and the emergence of tight, stretchy pants has sent school officials into a frenzy – adjusting and readjusting dress codes. Are you tired of this silly debate and are simply looking for yoga pants that are comfortable, soft ,and  loose fitting and are not made for the “perfect body”?  Well, look no further because Manta Wear produces 100% comfortable cotton yoga pants that are perfect for you.

Yoga Pants Capri Style

The Manta Wear Islander Pants

The Manta Wear yoga pants Pants are designed for Men and Women and are ideal for wearing to yoga or spiritual retreats. Manta Wear, the foremost producer of Comfortable and Attractive Cotton Yoga Pants, has the ideal pant for you. Manta Wear is perfect for Yoga Retreats, Meditation, or relaxation. Also, Manta Wear produces Cascade White yoga pants for those Yoga and spiritual retreats that require an all-white attire.

Men's Cotton Drawstring Pants

The Classic Manta Wear Drawstring Pants

What are the Manta Wear yoga pant styles?   For men and women is the classic Manta Wear Drawstring Pants which runs in men’s sizing but is designed for both men and women.  Also for women, there is the Women’s Drawstring Pants which run in average sizing for ladies. Then, there are the Women’s Straight Pants with a tapered design. Looking for a Capri yoga pant? Look no further, as Manta Wear has the Islander Pants which is our popular capri style that fits a variety of body types. Also available is the Davida Pants with an attractive yoke design, semi fit with elastic in the back and with or without button cuffs.

Whichever way you go with the Manta Wear Yoga Pants you will always be comfortable, attractive and happy!     #yogapants #cottonyogapants

Women's Cotton Yoga Pants

Davida Pants with button cuff

women's cotton pants

Manta Wear Straight pants