Cotton or Spandex Yoga Clothes?

Are you searching for yoga clothes that are loose fitting, comfortable and breathable?

Spandex was created by the Du Pont lavatories in 1959. and is derived from petrochemicals (petroleum product) and its chemical name is polyurethane

polymer. In this “enlightened” age where we all want to practice yoga and attain optimum health for our own bodies and the planet, which of course, is a wonderful goal. The one problem with this lofty ideal is that somehow there appears to be selective reasoning. We choose to wrap our bodies in a material which is petroleum-based, non-biodegradable and non-renewable, and the production is associated with the release of greenhouse gases.

For those people who are looking for something that looks great, comfortable and loose fitting, look no further- the answer is Manta Wear, the most comfortable clothing in the world.

100% Cotton fabric called Manta is produced today from an ancient Mayan technique that, when washed develops into a unique herringbone pattern.  This textured type of fabric sits lightly and allows your skin to breathe.