Yoga Clothing to Wear at a Yoga or Wellness Retreat in a Tropical Destination?

yoga-clothing-for-tropical-destinationWhat to wear at a tropical yoga or wellness retreat?

Everyone wants to go on a vacation. Escape to a tropical paradise, get away from work and all of the other duties of everyday life and really relax.. How relaxing was your last vacation? If your last vacation involved more stress than rest, maybe you’re ready to consider taking your time off to the next level.

There is such a variety of yoga/wellness retreats to fit nearly every need and or budget. It runs the gamut from very high end luxury resorts with 24 hour pampering to eco-retreats surrounded  by nature with more modest lodging.  Retreats  will offer cleansing diets with Ayurveda medicine treatments to detox the body, a variety of yoga classes, spa treatments, massage, meditation, hiking, tai chi, scuba diving and even surf, painting and cooking classes. Some retreats have banned  telephones or wi-fi , whereas others are fine with electronic devices.

OK, so you do the research, have looked at all the different websites and have  determined which part of the tropical world you want to go to and whichyoga clothes wellness retreat retreat fits into your budget.  Whatever individual needs that you have  in mind for a  tropical yoga/wellness retreat, you will also want to bring  comfortable and attractive attire. You will want comfortable clothing that is non-binding, loose fitting  and breathable. You will want yoga and meditation clothing that will give you plenty of flexibility and comfort. You will also want to look great and feel great. Perhaps your retreat requires white clothing or you are seeking clothing that is not synthetic and feels nice next to the skin. If you want all of these attributes for your retreat clothes and yoga-clothing-retreatsperhaps you are in a quandary as to where to look to find this clothing, then you need not look any further. Manta Wear is the answer to your dilemma. Not only will you be able to wear Manta to your yoga sessions, but you can wear it for relaxation time, after your spa treatment, sauna or Jacuzzi. When it’s time to socialize in the evening with your fellow retreat members, you will look great in the Manta Wear. For those retreats that require white yoga clothing, no problem – Manta Wear has plenty of selection of all-white apparel.

Here are some tropical yoga / wellness retreats that will fit a variety of budgets:

The Tides
Zihuatanejo, Mexico
The small Mexican fishing village setting comes with a beautiful stretch of beach..
Under an oceanfront palapa, the Pacific lapping just feet in front of you, with views of lush mountains: A red algae body wrap at the spa. A yacht cruise along the coastline. A beachside tequila tasting before an authentic Pacific-Mexican dinner.

Ak’Bol Resort
Ambergris Caye, Belize
Views of turquoise Caribbean water from the beachfront casitas and the yoga palapa The second largest coral reef in the world is within eyesight, so there’s lots of snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and sailing.
daily yoga instruction with watersports and inland excursions to Mayan ruins.

Maya Tulum
Yucatán, Mexico
it’s a spa, but it’s swanky. In early summer, witness caguamas (loggerhead sea turtles) making their way up the beach to lay eggs, or take a day trip to the ruins of ancient Mayan cities. Daily Pilates and yoga classes;

Villa Ananda
Punta de Mita, Mexico
This luxury spa specializes in Ayurveda (an ancient natural healing system) and yoga.

Luna Lodge

Costa Rica
At the edge of Corcovado National Park, this yoga lodge offers up yoga and spa treatments smack in the middle of the most biologically intense place on Earth Waterfall hikes, kayaking, surfing lessons, horseback riding, and spa treatments

Bikram Yoga Retreats
Kauai, Hawaii
Some like it hot―and these Bikram retreats are pretty sultry.
One of three locations: on Kauai, Maui, or the Big Island. The ocean is just steps away! surfing, snorkeling, and hiking

COMO Shambhala retreat at Parrot Cay
Turks & Caicos
What could be more relaxing than yoga on a private island?
Parrot Cay offers all sorts of spa treatments and watersports―typical of a posh beach resort.

Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa
Exotic seaside location and fabulously sumptuous accommodations
The award-winning spa offers a menu of therapies and treatments, and tai chi on the beach.



White Yoga Shirt Manta Wear

A Guide To Buying Men’s Yoga Clothes

White Yoga Shirt Manta Wear

Freedom top

Hello all you men out there who have decided to take up yoga and really don’t know what to do when it comes to finding the proper yoga clothes for men. You probably have looked at several yoga clothing websites and have found lots of yoga apparel for women, but not a lot of selection for men’s yoga clothes. You might feel some confusion on making a buying decision because some of the clothing features spandex which is uncomfortable and does not ventilate. Or perhaps you couldn’t imagine wearing some of the yoga outfits that are offered for men.

Here are some considerations when looking for men’s yoga clothes:

1.  Bear in mind that yoga exercises are about comforting the mind so make sure that your body is comfortable as well.

  1. Your Yoga clothing should give you room to maneuver because of all the different types of yoga moves performed which may entail twists, turns and stretching, Cotton Drawstring Pants FeaturesMen need practical clothing for these exercises. If your choice of yoga clothing is stiff and tight fitting then this can hamper some of your yoga moves and poses. This can also have an effect on your concentration levels due to the stress of discomfort.
  2. If you are looking for comfortable yoga clothes or meditation clothing for a retreat, you want to look good, so don’t bring your old sweats and stained t-shirts.

Considering  all of the above, I would  recommend the ideal yoga clothes for men; Manta Wear is the perfect yoga attire for men. Why? First of all, Manta Wear is 100% cotton casual clothing which breaths when you are sweating and feels great next to your skin. Going on a retreat? Manta Wear looks attractive and is practical. It’s the only clothing that you will need to bring. Does the retreat require white clothes? Manta Wear has white yoga shirts such as the Freedom Top, white yoga pants called the Drawstring Pants, and for the tropical locales, the white beach shirt known as the Calypso Shirt.


The Juan Shirt

Are you a large man? Look no further; Manta Wear has plenty of large sizes for you. The folks at Manta Wear specialize in larger sizes, so give them a call at 541-488-2714. Or visit the website at

White Yoga Pants Manta Wear

Manta Wear White Drawstring Pants


Men's Cotton Shirt, Beach Shirt, the Calypso Shirt

MANTA WEAR 100% Cotton Calyso Shirt. Great for Beach wear


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comfortable cotton yoga pants

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Pants

The Yoga Pants debate; The absurdity  of American marketering

Go Google the words yoga pants and you will find an assortment of spandex, skin tight yoga pants and an assortment of sexually provocative “yoga pants”. There are a variety of you tube videos showing off very nicely rounded bottoms.  Leave it to American mainstream consumer culture to brand products with sex appeal to sell more and more to the masses for the all mighty buck. Commercial interests  has taken what used to be a health- oriented discipline whose intent was to help people improve their well-being and has taken a very bizarre tangent that has ignored the health benefits and has taken on a fashion world onto itself which portrays very young bodies in skin tight material so that every little dimple shows . A recent scandal involving a major manufacturer of women’s yoga pants had made them too sheer, thus being see-through. The founder of the firm further complicated matters by publicly stating in a television interview that some of the quality problems can be blamed on women who weren’t slender enough to wear his company’s pants . The result was a ensuing  backlash from women who felt that as most clothing in the fashion industry, they were not made for them, but for a younger, more slender population. Even more twisted on this non-issue debate is a pathetic so-called preacher in Arizona who claims that women who wear yoga pants are sinners and are partially to blame for rape.  Schools are banning yoga pants and leggings and the emergence of tight, stretchy pants has sent school officials into a frenzy – adjusting and readjusting dress codes. Are you tired of this silly debate and are simply looking for yoga pants that are comfortable, soft ,and  loose fitting and are not made for the “perfect body”?  Well, look no further because Manta Wear produces 100% comfortable cotton yoga pants that are perfect for you.

Yoga Pants Capri Style

The Manta Wear Islander Pants

The Manta Wear yoga pants Pants are designed for Men and Women and are ideal for wearing to yoga or spiritual retreats. Manta Wear, the foremost producer of Comfortable and Attractive Cotton Yoga Pants, has the ideal pant for you. Manta Wear is perfect for Yoga Retreats, Meditation, or relaxation. Also, Manta Wear produces Cascade White yoga pants for those Yoga and spiritual retreats that require an all-white attire.

Men's Cotton Drawstring Pants

The Classic Manta Wear Drawstring Pants

What are the Manta Wear yoga pant styles?   For men and women is the classic Manta Wear Drawstring Pants which runs in men’s sizing but is designed for both men and women.  Also for women, there is the Women’s Drawstring Pants which run in average sizing for ladies. Then, there are the Women’s Straight Pants with a tapered design. Looking for a Capri yoga pant? Look no further, as Manta Wear has the Islander Pants which is our popular capri style that fits a variety of body types. Also available is the Davida Pants with an attractive yoke design, semi fit with elastic in the back and with or without button cuffs.

Whichever way you go with the Manta Wear Yoga Pants you will always be comfortable, attractive and happy!     #yogapants #cottonyogapants

Women's Cotton Yoga Pants

Davida Pants with button cuff

women's cotton pants

Manta Wear Straight pants

Comfortable Loose Fitting Yoga Wear

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Clothes by Manta Wear

Are you searching for yoga clothes that is loose fitting, comfortable and breathable?

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Pants

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Wear

Many people who practice Yoga seem to have the notion that there is a standard  of  fashion in the Yoga world. It almost seems to be a competition of who can look the most incredible squeezed into their super spandex skin. Take a look through any Yoga magazine, and take note that all of the photographs of people who are practicing Yoga seem to be from the “beautiful people” class . And of course, everyone should be striving to look just like them. Most of them appear to be 20 somethings who don’t have an ounce of fat on their bodies, are perfectly shaped and are professional models.  Of course, the Yoga industry wants to sell their products and what better way is there to sell a product by having gorgeous people to look at.

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Clothes

Manta Wear Long Sleeve Freedom Top

Spandex was created by the Du Pont lavatories in 1959. and is derived from petrochemicals (petroleum product) and its chemical name is polyurethane polymer. In this “enlightened” age where we all want to practice yoga and attain optimum health for our own bodies and the planet, which of course, is a wonderful goal. The one problem with this lofty ideal is that somehow there appears to be selective reasoning. We choose to wrap our bodies in a material which is petroleum based, non- biodegradable and non-renewable and which the production is associated with the release of greenhouse gases.

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Pants

Happiness is Manta Wear

For those people who are frustrated with current Yoga styles and are looking for something that looks great, comfortable and loose fitting, look no further- the answer is Manta Wear, the most comfortable clothing in the world.



White Cotton Clothing

White Cotton Clothing for Yoga or Spiritual Retreats by MANTA WEAR


White Cotton Clothing for Yoga Retreats

Comfortable Cotton Clothing by Manta Wear

First of all, you need something that will breathe well and keep you cool–especially if you’re doing “hot” yoga or travelling to India, the birthplace of yoga.  You also want to consider clothing that will travel well, can do double duty as both workout wear and casual clothing (because who wants to pay the airlines’ baggage fees), and will let you concentrate on your meditation instead of the stickiness of the materials. Does this sound like you? Look no further! For all of our hapless seekers of the perfect retreat attire we have the answer.


MANTA is the perfect white yoga clothing for any spiritual or yoga retreat .  Apart from the fact that MANTA comes in white, it is very comfortable and attractive cotton clothing ideal for any retreat.


MANTA yoga apparel is also perfect if you are planning a tropical destination such as a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Remember, cotton breaths and feels wonderful on  your skin. Something that polyester or spandex cannot claim.


Comfortable White Cotton Clothes for Meditation

Comfortable White Cotton Clothes for Meditation

According to Yogi Bhajan master of Kundalini, “Cotton is the flower of the earth. It is good for your psyche, for your energy and for your nervous system.”  On the subject of teaching yoga, he said, “A teacher wears white cotton clothing while teaching. White clothing makes you as a teacher look devine and represent light.”

According to the Spiritual Science Reseach Foundation, “When we wear clothes that are of the Sattvik (spiritual purity) colors it helps us with our spiritual practice.” The Spiritual Science Research Foundation rates white clothing as beyond sattvik  “…the most helpful in attracting spiritual positive vibrations and repel negative vibrations”


Women's White Cotton Pants

Cotton Straight Pants by Manta Wear

Now that you know where to find the perfect Yoga and Spiritual Retreat attire give us a call at 832-940-3404 and one of our helpful staff  members will be happy to give you the assistance that you need to find your perfect MANTA  outfit!

Comfortable Cotton Tunic in the tropics

Comfortable Cotton Travel Clothes by Manta Wear

Manta Wear is the perfect travel companion. Here’s why:

Airplane travel: Lets say you are sitting on an airplane for a lengthy trip overseas. You could be sitting in an airplane seat and connecting to other flights for hours on end. This is where you want extreme comfort. Because MANTA WEAR  travel clothes is cotton, it is breathable and it feels just right next to the skin. Years ago before I discovered Manta , my traveling clothes usually consisted of blue jeans and perhaps a polyester blend shirt. At the time this attire seemed fine. But the problem with this is that there is no comfort factor. The jeans bind and have no flexibility in them and the polyester shirt does not breath.The other advantage of Manta Wear is the cabin temperatures on airplanes tend to be rather cold. Manta Wear travel clothing is great for layering. If the temperature goes down you can just add another layer.  Never leave home without your Manta Wear travel Wear


Cotton Travel Clothing

MANTA WEAR Travel Clothes are perfect for traveling in the tropics: Lets say you are planning a vacation to Mexico, Costa Rica or perhaps an island in the Caribbean. You are looking around for the perfect attire that is comfortable and attractive. Look no further because Manta Wear is designed for the tropics. With the heat and humidity polyester only makes it worse. You continue to sweat but there is no escape for your perspiration. If you want to stay cool and dry, there is nothing quite like the comfortable cotton travel clothes by Manta Wear.

Cotton Travel Shirtts by Manta Wear

The Long Sleeve Freedom Top in Guatemala

With Manta Wear Travel Clothes this is never a problem. You stay cool and dry because Manta Wear always breaths. MANTA also provides excellent sun protection while keeping you comfortable on the beach. After swimming, just throw on the MANTA Beach Cover  over your bathing suit!

Traveling in the Middle East with Manta Wear: Many of our customers have purchased Manta Wear travel clothing for trips to parts of the Middle East. Traveling to this part of the world requires cultural sensitivity when it comes to how you dress.

Many of our customers have been pleased with Manta Wear in the Middle East because the 100% cotton fabric it keeps you cool and dry in the desert heat. The desert can become very chilly at night and Manta is perfect for layering to ward off the chill.   It is also very important to be modest by covering your knees and shoulders. Manta Wear is a flowing soft fabric which easily covers any parts of the body which are considered taboo.

Comfortable Cotton Travel Clothes

Freedom Top at Lake Atitlan

Many of our customers have traveled the world in their MANTA  and they have attested the wonders of traveling in MANTA!  Here are some of our customer’s comments:

♦ I have worn MANTA clothing on a year long trip around the world. I was so pleased with the comfort and durability of MANTA. I always make a pilgramage to Inti Imports Marketplace in Ashland, Oregon    -Deb Murphy , Seattle

 ♦ Love these clothes – they’re easy to wash, don’t wrinkle and are comfortable. I wear them all the time and pactice Tai Chi in them as well. We will be going to Tahiti and I’ll be taking my new MANTA  with me!            – Sandy Halonen,  Oregon

♦ I travel and fly a lot in airplanes. Yuck,  how uncomfortable!  I wear these awsome MANTA clothes in flight for COMFORT!! You cannot beat them for this. I also wore the pants on horseback riding. They’re not too hot and very comfortable. I would recommentd them to anyone.         -Joy, Klamath Falls, Oregon

♦ The MANTA shirts are great! They’re durable and wonderful for traveling and I don’t have to iron!   Janice, Terrebonne, Oregon

♦ I took a wonderful Mediterranean cruise last fall in my Manta. I just rolled the Manta up and unrolled it and off I went!  Very comfortable yet a “lady”.           BJ Medford, Oregon

♦ The MANTA is great for travel –  I have worn them to China, Africa, Iceland and many other places. You can wash them in the bathroom sink, pad in a towel and hang up.  They’re ready to wear the next day!                 -Elizabeth Roberts Bothell, WA

♦ I went to Rio de Janiero in my Manta clothing  The styling is perfect, I love the fit and they are very comfortable for traveling. This was the only clothing that I wore on my trip! I also teach Kundalini yoga. The clothing should be loose and comfortable, allowing  the thighs to breathe. Today’s yoga clothes generally look more like bicycling outfits. So I was delighted to find your clothing. Thanks again!       -Sandy Paton, Reading, PA.