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Comfortable Cotton Travel Clothes by Manta Wear

Manta Wear is the perfect travel companion. Here’s why:

Airplane travel: Lets say you are sitting on an airplane for a lengthy trip. This is where you want extreme comfort. Because MANTA WEAR  travel clothes are cotton, it is breathable and it feels just right next to the skin. The other advantage of Manta Wear is the cabin temperatures on airplanes tend to be rather cold. Manta Wear travel clothing is great for layering. If the temperature goes down you can just add another layer.

MANTA WEAR Travel Clothes are perfect for traveling in the tropics:   You are looking around for the perfect attire that is comfortable and attractive.  Manta Wear is designed for the tropics. With the heat and humidity polyester will not allow the heat to escape.  If you want to stay cool and dry, there is nothing quite like the comfortable cotton travel clothes by Manta Wear.

MANTA also provides excellent sun protection while keeping you comfortable on the beach.  After swimming, just throw on the MANTA Beach Cover over your bathing suit!

Traveling in the Middle East with Manta Wear: Many of our customers have purchased Manta Wear travel clothing for trips to parts of the Middle East. Traveling to this part of the world requires cultural sensitivity when it comes to how you dress.

Many of our customers have been pleased with Manta Wear in the Middle East because the 100% cotton fabric it keeps you cool and dry in the desert heat. The desert can become very chilly at night and Manta is perfect for layering to ward off the chill.

Many of our customers have traveled the world in their MANTA  and they have attested the wonders of traveling in MANTA!  Here are some of our customer’s comments:

♦ I have worn MANTA clothing on a year long trip around the world. I was so pleased with the comfort and durability of MANTA. I always make a pilgramage to Inti Imports Marketplace in Ashland, Oregon    -Deb Murphy , Seattle

♦ Love these clothes – they’re easy to wash, don’t wrinkle and are comfortable. I wear them all the time and pactice Tai Chi in them as well. We will be going to Tahiti and I’ll be taking my new MANTA  with me!            – Sandy Halonen,  Oregon

♦ I travel and fly a lot in airplanes. Yuck,  how uncomfortable!  I wear these awsome MANTA clothes in flight for COMFORT!! You cannot beat them for this. I also wore the pants on horseback riding. They’re not too hot and very comfortable. I would recommentd them to anyone.         -Joy, Klamath Falls, Oregon

♦ The MANTA shirts are great! They’re durable and wonderful for traveling and I don’t have to iron!   Janice, Terrebonne, Oregon

♦ I took a wonderful Mediterranean cruise last fall in my Manta. I just rolled the Manta up and unrolled it and off I went!  Very comfortable yet a “lady”.           BJ Medford, Oregon

♦ The MANTA is great for travel –  I have worn them to China, Africa, Iceland and many other places. You can wash them in the bathroom sink, pad in a towel and hang up.  They’re ready to wear the next day!          -Elizabeth Roberts Bothell, WA

♦ I went to Rio de Janiero in my Manta clothing  The styling is perfect, I love the fit and they are very comfortable for traveling. This was the only clothing that I wore on my trip! I also teach Kundalini yoga. The clothing should be loose and comfortable, allowing  the thighs to breathe. Today’s yoga clothes generally look more like bicycling outfits. So I was delighted to find your clothing. Thanks again!       -Sandy Paton, Reading, PA.

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