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We’ve Moved!

  What’s going on!? Keep calm, and shop on at MANTAWEAR.COM! YOGACLOTHES.COM still works, it will automatically redirect you to MANTAWEAR.COM for the next couple of months. However, YOGACLOTHES.COM will eventually stop working so be sure to update any browser bookmarks you may have! I am working with Google to update the search results for […]

A Guide To Buying Men’s Yoga Clothes

Hello all you men out there who have decided to take up yoga and really don’t know what to do when it comes to finding the proper yoga clothes for men. You probably have looked at several yoga clothing websites and have found lots of yoga apparel for women, but not a lot of selection […]

Comfortable Cotton Yoga Pants

Advantages of 100% breathable cotton versus spandex:   The Manta Wear yoga pants Pants are designed for Men and Women and are ideal for wearing to yoga or spiritual retreats. Manta Wear, the foremost producer of comfortable and attractive cotton yoga pants, has the ideal pant for you. Manta Wear is perfect for Yoga Retreats, […]

Cotton or Spandex Yoga Clothes?

Are you searching for yoga clothes that are loose fitting, comfortable and breathable?   Spandex was created by the Du Pont lavatories in 1959. and is derived from petrochemicals (petroleum product) and its chemical name is polyurethane polymer. In this “enlightened” age where we all want to practice yoga and attain optimum health for our own bodies […]

Comfortable Cotton Travel Clothes by Manta Wear

Manta Wear is the perfect travel companion. Here’s why: Airplane travel: Lets say you are sitting on an airplane for a lengthy trip. This is where you want extreme comfort. Because MANTA WEAR  travel clothes are cotton, it is breathable and it feels just right next to the skin. The other advantage of Manta Wear is the cabin temperatures […]