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THE FOUNDING AND HISTORY OF MANTA WEAR    In 1989 Sean Van Ausdall established Inti Imports Marketplace retail location on the plaza in Ashland, Oregon and it quickly became a local favorite.  As time has progressed, the online market had become the more favorable method of shopping over brick and mortar, so he developed MANTA WEAR online nationwide and worldwide.  Sean sold MANTA WEAR online store to David Smith of Houston, Texas in 2016, and he developed new products for the market.  In 2018, David sold the online company to Cheryl Dockery and the Dockery Family in Austin, Texas, guaranteeing its long-term place in history.

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HOW SEAN DISCOVERED MANTA   On one of many buying trips, a merchant aboard a single-engine island-hopper en route to Roatan showed Sean a small sample of this amazing fabric, which he said was created by members of a family who had descended from the ancient Mayans who created this weave.  This amazing fabric known as MANTA really excited Sean knowing that it could create the textiles that he was looking for.  He immediately sought out its source which led to a family in the highlands of Guatemala with their expert tailors who produce MANTA clothing.

MANTA WEAR is preshrunk 100% cotton which is distinctively lightweight and cushion soft, woven with a unique herringbone textured pattern to create an exquisite look that is very cool in any climate, and layers beautifully for warmth and fashion.  Its unique texture allows air to circulate and breath freely next to your skin. You could say that MANTA WEAR feels like it’s floating atop your skin.  MANTA WEAR is great for yoga wear, travel, beach, tai chi, recreation, work, or just plain relaxation!