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THE FOUNDING OF MANTA WEAR It all started in ’82 when Sean Van Ausdall owner  of Inti Imports was a boat captain running supply boats in  the Gulf of Mexico. He dreamed of venturing south charmed by visions of ancient Incan ruins in the Andes Mountains along with the lure of a colorful culture of the descendants of those Inca peoples. After what had began as an adventure ended up becoming a great business. At first it started out as a means of paying for travel but later turned into a full blown business. Tramping around the Andes Mountains buying tapestries in Ayacucho while negotiating with the revolutionaries to being interrogated and nearly thrown in jail by corrupt Peruvian police officers. Throughout the ’80s Sean operated out of his 1974 Toyota pickup peddling his handcrafted wares at many different types of venues including flea markets, Llama shows and state fairs. In 1989 he established the first permanent retail location on the plaza in Ashland, Oregon. Inti Imports Marketplace quickly became a local favorite.

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HOW SEAN DISCOVERED MANTA   On one of many buying trips a merchant aboard a single-engine island-hopper en route to Roatan showed Sean a small sample of this amazing fabric, which he said was created by members of the same family descended from the ancient Mayans whom had created this weave. This amazing fabric known as MANTA  really excited Sean, knowing that this could be the fabric that he was looking for. He immediatley sought out the the source of  this fabric and subsequenly to the Tiriquiz family in Chichicastango, his expert tailors who produce MANTA WEAR.

MANTA WEAR is preshrunk 100% cotton which is distinctively lightweight and cushiony soft, woven with a unique herringbone textured pattern to create an exquisite look that is very cool in any climate.  It’s unique texture allows air to circulate and breath freely next to your skin. You could say that MANTA WEAR feels like it’s floating atop your skin.  MANTA WEAR, the most comfortable clothing in the world is great for yoga wear, travel, recreation or just plain relaxation!